Shane Harper as Logan David | A Teacher | FX on Hulu

Shane Harper

Logan Davis

"Logan Davis," portrayed by Shane Harper, is one of Eric’s closest friends who comes from a wealthy family. He is your classic jock/bro teenager full of hormones and a desire to party, but deep down is a sensitive kid.

Career Highlights

A Southern California native, Harper has established himself as a triple threat —singer, actor and dancer. He began working as a professional dancer when he was 13 before transitioning into acting with a recurring role on the hit Disney Channel comedy Good Luck Charlie. Shortly after, he secured a large recurring role on MTV’s hit comedy series Awkward.

In film, Harper got his start working with the legendary Rob Reiner in Flipped, before starring in God’s Not Dead which was the highest grossing independent movie of 2014. He also starred in the 1950's set indie drama Flock of Four which released to Netflix in 2017.

Harper can also be seen starring in Starz’s gritty crime drama Hightown.

Adam David Thompson Headshot wearing a police uniform

Adam David Thompson

as Nate Wilson

Nate Wilson is Claire’s older brother who works as a police officer in the area where she teaches. Kind, empathetic and trusting, he will play the tough guy as required but finds it hard to deny his sister help when she is in need.