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Judy Greer

Cheryl/Carol Tunt

Archer JudyGreer Cast

Cheryl/Carol Tunt, voiced by Judy Greer, is Malory’s assistant who just can’t stop herself from breaking the phone* or lighting a trashcan on fire. While this makes her a terrible assistant, the rest of the gang recognizes her unique role as an agent of chaos. Put her in a funny hat and drop her into any situation and wait for a spectacular failure.

*In her defense, that ladybug was asking for it.

Career Highlights
Archer AmberNash Cast

Amber Nash

as Pam Poovey

She hopes that her myriad of skills will be recognized because if they aren’t, she may have to form her own breakaway country – The Republic of Pamistan, where the only rule is: F the rules!

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