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Crime is a family affair.

Fargo’s second “true crime” chapter travels back to 1979 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota. 

“Lou Solverson” (Patrick Wilson), a young State Trooper recently back from Vietnam, investigates a case involving a local crime gang, a major Mob syndicate, and a small-town beautician “Peggy Blumquist” (Kirsten Dunst), along with her husband “Ed” (Jesse Plemons), the local butcher’s assistant. Helping Lou piece things together is his father-in-law, “Sheriff Hank Larsson” (Ted Danson). 

The investigation leads them to a colorful cast of characters that includes “Karl Weathers” (Nick Offerman), the town lawyer of Luverne, Minnesota. A Korean War vet, Karl is a flowery drunk blessed with the gift of gab and the eloquence of a true con artist. Three-time Emmy winner Brad Garrett plays “Joe Bulo,” the front man for the northern expansion of a Kansas City crime syndicate. The new face of corporate crime, Joe’s bringing a Walmart mentality to small town America. His number two is “Mike Milligan” (Bokeem Woodbine). Part enforcer, part detective, Mike is always smiling – but the joke is usually on you. 

Bulo and his crew have their sights set on the Gerhardt crime family in Fargo, currently led by matriarch “Floyd Gerhardt” (Jean Smart). With her husband at death’s door, Floyd takes over the family business, frustrating her eldest son, “Dodd Gerhardt” (Jeffrey Donovan). An impatient hothead with a cruel streak to match his ambitions, Dodd can’t wait for both his parents to die so he can take over and expand their business from kingdom to empire. “Bear Gerhardt” (Angus Sampson) is the middle son, an intimidatingly large man who, although inarticulate, is the most decent of his clan. “Rye Gerhardt” (Kieran Culkin), the youngest of the Gerhardt family, views himself as a big shot, but in reality, he’s just a small dog who barks loud. 

Emmy Award-winning Executive Producers Noah Hawley (showrunner/writer/director), Joel & Ethan Coen, Warren Littlefield and John Cameron all return for the second installment. Fargo is produced by MGM Television and FX Productions, with MGM Television serving as the lead studio.


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Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson and Ted Danson as Sheriff Hank Larsson in police uniform inside diner in FX's Fargo Year Two
Waiting for Dutch

In 1979, an unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.

Jean Smart as Floyd Gerhardt with Angus Sampson as Bear Gerhardt holding carton inside kitchen in FX's Fargo Year Two
Before the Law

The Gerhardts get a surprising offer, and two unlikely murderers do their best to clean up their mess.

Patrick Wilson as Lou in puffer police jacket with man in grey suit pulling over man in blue car in FX's Fargo Year Two
The Myth of Sisyphus

The Gerhardts' search for Rye intensifies, Lou takes a trip to Fargo, and Peggy overhears a new theory about the Waffle Hut shooter.

Nick Offerman as Karl in brown leather trench coat holding hand to gun on waist with man in jumpsuit in FX's Fargo Year Two
Fear and Trembling

Floyd responds to Kansas City’s proposal, Hanzee takes a road trip, and Lou has a realization.

Blonde woman in brown tassel top outside by brown wooden barn on sunny day in FX's Fargo Year Two
The Gift of the Magi

Floyd takes action, and Charlie tries to prove himself. Peggy and Ed disagree about what to do next, while Lou finds himself sidelined during Ronald Reagan’s campaign tour.

Patrick Wilson as Lou Solverson in brown police uniform with black shoulder holster inside station in FX's Fargo Year Two

Lou and Hank try to prevent an altercation, Peggy and Ed defend their choices and the Gerhardt clan attempts to get back one of their own.

Angus Sampson as Bear Gerhardt sitting with woman holding onto his arm on house porch in FX's Fargo Year Two
Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

Lou and Hank investigate in Fargo, The King of Breakfast visits Betsy and Molly, Floyd is summoned away and Bear questions a family member’s loyalty.

Kirsten Dunst as Peggy Blumquist with Jesse Plemons as Ed Blumquist in front of open car trunk in FX's Fargo Year Two

Hanzee searches for Peggy and Ed. Dodd ends up in unfamiliar territory.

Patrick Wilson as Lou standing with other police officers with man in blue suit on wooden house porch in FX's Fargo Year Two
The Castle

Peggy and Ed agree to follow through with their plan at the Motor Motel, Lou faces jurisdictional politics and Hanzee reports back to the Gerhardts.

Patrick Wilson as Lou outside during sunny day in parking lot by crosswalk in background in FX's Fargo Year Two

Peggy and Ed make a run for it.

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