Adam Brody as Seth Morris | Fleishman Is In Trouble on FX

Fleishman Is In Trouble

Adam Brody

Seth Morris

Adam Brody Cast

Portrayed by Adam Brody, Seth is Toby’s lifelong friend. Good-natured, confident, a little smoldering, with the deep pockets of a committed finance job and an enviable Williamsburg loft — Seth has never met a woman who doesn’t melt onto him. Re-summoned into Toby and Libby’s lives by the seismic event of Toby’s divorce, Seth’s confirmed bachelorhood is a comfort to Toby as Seth guides him through the dating world.  

Career Highlights
Meara Mahoney Cast

Meara Mahoney Gross

as Hannah Fleishman

Toby and Rachel’s daughter, an electrical storm of a girl, is about to turn 12 and all she wants is a goddamn phone.

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