Jesse Eisenberg as Toby Fleishman | Fleishman Is In Trouble on FX

Fleishman Is In Trouble

Jesse Eisenberg

Toby Fleishman

Jessie Eisenberg Cast

Toby Fleishman, portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg, never had much luck with the ladies when he was younger, but all of that changed 15 years ago when he met Rachel. Him! Toby! With a beautiful, brilliant, blonde woman! A devoted liver specialist, Toby’s ambition is not to scale the medical field, but to get better and better at his job and heal more and more patients. The story begins as he and Rachel have just divorced and Toby is feeling out his first summer of app-assisted sexual freedom. He wakes up one morning, early that summer, to find that Rachel has dropped off their two kids without warning a day earlier than she was supposed to…and the fragile balance he’s begun to build for himself topples over.

Career Highlights
Claire Danes Cast

Claire Danes

as Rachel Fleishman

Raised by a cold and withholding grandmother, Rachel Fleishman’s real first love was her career.

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