Meara Mahoney Gross as Hannah Fleishman | Fleishman Is In Trouble on FX

Fleishman Is In Trouble

Meara Mahoney Gross

Hannah Fleishman

Meara Mahoney Cast

Meara Mahoney Gross portrays Hannah Fleishman. Toby and Rachel’s daughter, an electrical storm of a girl, is about to turn 12 and all she wants is a goddamn phone. In the wake of her parents’ divorce, Hannah's anger pushes her to navigate the too-mature expectations for a New York middle schooler. This summer, as she watches her father begin to date and she watches life happen on the phones of her friends, she is fast leaving girlhood behind.

Career Highlights
Maxim Swinton Cast

Maxim Swinton

as Solly Fleishman

Toby and Rachel’s son is a wide-eyed, agreeable and guileless physics prodigy in the making.

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