Claire Danes as Rachel Fleishman | Fleishman Is In Trouble on FX

Fleishman Is In Trouble

Claire Danes

Rachel Fleishman

Claire Danes Cast

Was Rachel, portrayed by Claire Danes, ever really the person Toby thought he’d married? Raised by a cold and withholding grandmother, Rachel Fleishman’s real first love was her career. She’s a successful theater agent who has built Fleishman & Co into the largest small theater agency in New York, all in hopes of making sure she and her family have the wealth and choices that Rachel never had growing up. But all these things came at a cost, and the marriage paid the bill. On a summer day soon after the Fleishmans’ divorce, Rachel drops the kids off and heads to a yoga retreat, taking the family’s newfound, wobbly sense of equilibrium with her.

Career Highlights
Lizzy Caplan Cast

Lizzy Caplan

as Libby Epstein

Libby, now a stay-at-home-mother defined more by her boredom than anything else, becomes fascinated with Toby’s new life and begins to spend more and more time with him.

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