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Fleishman Is In Trouble

Lizzy Caplan

Libby Epstein

Lizzy Caplan Cast

Lizzy Caplan portrays Libby Epstein. Libby and Toby were fast friends when they met on a semester abroad in Israel and stayed close when they returned to New York. But since Toby married Rachel, they’ve grown apart. Rachel didn’t much like Libby and Libby, a writer at a men’s magazine, felt that she couldn’t compete with Rachel’s animosity. All these years later, Toby gets back in touch with Libby as he makes his way through his wild new post-divorce world. Libby, now a stay-at-home-mother defined more by her boredom than anything else, becomes fascinated with Toby’s new life and begins to spend more and more time with him. How is it that just as she was feeling so old, someone her own age was feeling so young? Libby, desperate to discover what happened to Rachel, feels something changing in her — a drift she can only stop if she can finally figure out whether the life she’s set up for herself is the one she wants.

Career Highlights
Adam Brody Cast

Adam Brody

as Seth Morris

Seth is Toby’s lifelong friend. Good-natured, confident, a little smoldering, with the deep pockets of a committed finance job and an enviable Williamsburg loft.

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