Carla Baratta as Adelita | Mayans MC | FX

Carla Baratta

Luisa "Adelita" Espina

After recovering her child presumed to be dead, Adelita, portrayed by Carla Baratta, reunites with Angel to create a family they’ve both longed for. While the demons from her past continue to follow her, she must find ways to secure her family’s future. 

Career Highlights

Venezuelan artist Carla Baratta is known for the powerful, multidimensional female characters she brings to life on screen. In 2018 she made her U.S. television debut starring on FX’s Mayans M.C. playing “Adelita.”

Baratta’s additional credits include the lead role in Bleep, an international comedy web series that was a hit in Latin America. She also had a stand-out role as the lead in Prueba de Fe (Proof of Faith), in which she played the young Mother Teresa and communicated in sign language. 

Born and raised in Venezuela to first-generation Italians, Baratta began acting at just 11 years old by participating in her local community theater group and went on to star in several plays. Theater is where she first fell in love with acting. While juggling her architecture degree and theater productions, Baratta continued to practice her love of painting, a deep passion that would eventually lead her to sell her artwork worldwide. She also had the opportunity to study acting at The New York Film Academy, the Actors Gym and The New Collective. Baratta returned to Venezuela to continue her architecture studies before deciding to pursue a full-time career in acting.

Before making the move to Los Angeles in 2017, Baratta lived and worked as an architect and painter in Barcelona, Malaysia and Caracas. She continues to work as an artist with her paintings often depicting people from all walks of life. Her art has been displayed in various locations in Los Angeles and abroad. 

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