Dayton Callie as Wayne Unser | Sons of Anarchy on FX

Dayton Callie

Wayne Unser

Dayton Callie stars as "Wayne Unser," the former sheriff of Charming, who is now a night watchman living out of his airstream on the SAMCRO compound's back lot. Haunted by his past and struggling with cancer, Unser holds a torch for Gemma while he seeks to reconcile who he was as a lawman and the compromises he's made in the name of keeping the peace.

Career Highlights

Best known for his role as “Charlie Utter” on HBO’s Deadwood, veteran actor Dayton Callie has amassed a wealth of film, television and stage credits during his career spanning two decades. In 2009 he did his first horror movie, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2. He has performed in over 20 Off-Broadway stage productions in New York City. His television credits include everything from Kate & Allie on up through K-Ville, John from Cincinnati, “The Miniature Killer” episode on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and dozens of other top-rated shows.

Callie’s feature film credits include The Devil’s Carnival which was released last year; The Last Days of Frankie the Fly and Executive Target, both which he wrote & starred in; The Final Season; Undisputed; Derailed; and Volcano. He also has two other films which he has written in development at this time. His last film, The Motel Life with Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff, was released in 2012. The Devil’s Carnival II is set to begin filming this fall.

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