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Sons of Anarchy

Jimmy Smits

Nero Padilla

Jimmy Smits Cast

Jimmy Smits stars as "Nero Padilla," a Latino gangbanger, Byz-Lat O.G., and currently running Dioa Norte and Diosa del Sur with Jax. A self-proclaimed "companionater." Nero was searching for a better life for his son when a chance meeting with Gemma pulled him deeper into the outlaw life through his association with SAMCRO. Now Gemma's love interest, Nero must straddle the line between his allegiance to the Mexican gangs and his paternal feelings with Jax as tensions mount in Gangland. 

Career Highlights
Drea DeMatteo Cast

Drea De Matteo

as Wendy Case

Jax's ex-wife and mother of his first-born child, Abel.

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