Art Linson | Executive Producer | Sons of Anarchy on FX

Art Linson

Executive Producer

Art Linson’s producing credits range from such commercial and critical hits as The Untouchables, Heat, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Fight Club and Scrooged, to unusual classics such as Melvin and Howard, Car Wash, The Edge, This Boy’s Life and Into The Wild. For television, he is currently an executive producer on Sons of Anarchy.

Linson has written two books, A Pound of Flesh: Perilous Tales of How to Produce Movies in Hollywood and What Just Happened? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line from which he adapted the screenplay and produced the movie What Just Happened? starring Robert DeNiro. Most recently, he has begun pre-production work on the film The Outsider, starring Tom Hardy, centered on an American G.I. in post-World War II Japan.

He is presently in partnership with John Linson in The Linson Company which is developing several upcoming films and television shows.

Paris Barclay

Executive Producer / Director