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The Strain

David Bradley

Abraham Setrakian

David Bradley Headshot

David Bradley stars as “Abraham Setrakian,” a Holocaust survivor with an iron will and a hair-trigger temper who has been hunting the Master for decades.

Devastated by the Master's escape, Setrakian is bolstered by his belief that the "Face of God" is a nuclear weapon – his answer to the Occido Lumen's prediction. But time is of the essence, and after the pawnbroker is caught in his off-the-grid hideout, he's faced with a critical choice: hold onto the prophecy or abandon all hope.

Career Highlights
Jonathan Hyde Headshot

Jonathan Hyde

as Eldritch Palmer / The Master

Jonathan Hyde stars in FX’s thriller The Strain as “Eldritch Palmer.” Once the Master’s partner, he is now His latest host.

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