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You're the Worst

Chris Geere

Jimmy Shive-Overly

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A brash, self-destructive narcissist with selective face-blindness, “Jimmy” (Chris Geere) is a British novelist living in Los Angeles. His hotly-anticipated first book — a semi-autobiographical tale of a father and son reconnecting — was a minor critical darling, even if sales were less than stellar.

Jimmy has been burned by relationships in the past and has thus written them off completely. He instead chooses to focus his energies on scotch, aggressively foisting his opinions on others, and writing his next book. Jimmy’s crafted a very controlled lifestyle that allows him to stay firmly in his comfort zone; that lifestyle is quickly sidelined when Gretchen enters his life.

Career Highlights
Aya Cash Headshot

Aya Cash

as Gretchen Cutler

Aya Cash stars in FXX’s comedy You’re the Worst as “Gretchen,” a cynical, fundamentally dishonest person who may be the only one who's suited to handle, and possibly love, Jimmy.

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