Desmin Borges as Edgar Quintero | YTW on FXX

You're the Worst

Desmin Borges

Edgar Quintero

Desmin Borges Headshot

Edgar used to be Jimmy's pot dealer in college, but the two lost touch when Edgar joined the Army and did a couple tours in Iraq. Now back home, Edgar finds himself grappling with PTSD and searching for his place in the world.

Edgar and Jimmy reconnected a few years ago when Jimmy found him living on the streets. Now Edgar lives with Jimmy rent-free. In exchange, Edgar does light housework and cooks all of Jimmy's meals. Though Jimmy would be the last to admit it, Edgar has become his closest (and probably only) friend.

Career Highlights
Kether Donohue Headshot

Kether Donohue

as Lindsay Jillian

Kether Donohue stars in FXX’s comedy You’re the Worst as “Lindsay,” Gretchen’s best friend who is struggling to balance life after a failed marriage and being on her own for the first time.

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