Steve Huison as "Lomper" | The Full Monty on FX

Steve Huison


Married to Dennis, "Lomper," portrayed by Steve Huison, hasn’t much changed from the shy, uncertain man who lost his mother 25 years ago. Now, Lomper is constantly bossed around by Dennis, but he doesn’t mind—he has little direction himself and enjoys making his husband happy. Like Gaz, Lomper often struggles to find practical solutions to issues and tends to wander into ridiculousness. Owning and running the Big Baps has brought purpose to Lomper’s life and he enjoys the stability of running the café with Dennis. 

Career Highlights

Steve Huison has worked as a professional actor since 1986. He has a strong grounding in theater, TV and film. Television credits include series regular and guest lead roles in Coronation Street, The Royle Family, The Street, Dinnerladies, Wire in the Blood and The Last Train. Film credits include The Full Monty, The Navigators, Among Giants, The Runaways and Prometheus. On stage, Huison’s work includes Goodnight Mister Tom (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds), Trackers of Oxyrhynchus (Royal National Theatre), They Don’t Pay? We Won’t Pay! (Northern Broadsides, U.K. tour), Brassed Off (Crucible Theatre Sheffield) and Fifty Feet and Falling (Shoestring Theatre Company).

When not acting, Huison’s other work has included lift (elevator) attendant, librarian, seafood salesman, cleaner, shelf-stacker, mental health advocate, art teacher, street performer and cook. He also runs Cabaret Saltaire, a quarterly musical comedy cabaret held in (you guessed it) Saltaire. For the past half a dozen years, Huison has concentrated on becoming a portrait artist. He was quite surprised when Mr. Simon Beaufoy rang him to suggest he pick up where he left off with “Lomper.” Meanwhile, the paintbrushes haven’t been packed away, they’re just soaking in turpentine.

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