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The Strain

Rupert Penry-Jones


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Rupert Penry-Jones stars as “Quinlan,” who is neither human nor strigoi.

With an unwavering focus on killing the Master, Quinlan is driven by his sense of destiny as he and Fet scour the countryside for the ultimate weapon: a nuke. Through explorations of Quinlan's past, his complex human half will come more into focus. And in his journey with Fet, he will be forced to learn the hardest lesson of all: perhaps he cannot do this alone.

Career Highlights
Corey Stoll Headshot

Corey Stoll

as Dr. Ephraim 'Eph' Goodweather

Corey Stoll stars in FX’s thriller The Strain as “Dr. Ephraim ‘Eph’ Goodweather.” Haunted by guilt and shame, Eph leaves NYC only to return after discovering the Master’s end game.

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